Living Lightly Thanksgiving Tips

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Turkey Day is here and I couldn’t be happier!

The winter holidays are my favorite. I mean, this was our house on November 11 this year:

christmas house

Don’t worry, we are NOT skipping Thanksgiving. We just like to celebrate ALL the winter holidays at once. Christmas goes from November 1 to December 31 in our house, and Thanksgiving is just part of the fun. In fact, we are hosting the Turkey Day festivities this year.

I love holiday celebrations, but I want to make sure that we’re conscious of the ways our festivities will impact the planet and people who live here.

Want some tips for a more earth-friendly Thanksgiving weekend? Read on!

A few tips for a “Lighter” Thanksgiving:
1. Food: Focus on the side dishes and eat less meat. Get your poultry and produce from local farms whenever possible. Eat foods that are seasonal so they don’t have to be shipped from warmer climates.
2. Table: Go for real dishes and silverware. Use fabric napkins and tablecloths. Take the time to use the real thing and wash it after. Paper and plastic single-use options are trash. Don’t make your holidays “trashy” 😉
3. Fun: Keep the activities eco-friendly too. Go for a walk after the big meal. (Bonus: pick up trash as you walk!) Play board games or have a dance party instead of turning on the TV. Make upcycled Christmas decorations with the family.
4. Black Friday: Don’t do it. Unless you have been looking for certain gifts for people that are not available second-hand or locally, just don’t get on your email or social media that day. Stay away from temptation and don’t shop.
5. #OptOutside: Spend some time outside together instead of inside a shopping mall or online shopping. Enjoy the cool weather and interesting forms nature takes this time of year. Look at the amazing shapes tree branches make, look for birds in the trees or animal footprints in the dirt/snow. Get outside and breathe some fresh air.

Please let me know what you’re doing to make Thanksgiving a little lighter on our planet this year, and tag me in any posts on social media so I can cheer you on! This year I am SO thankful for all of you and this journey we are on together!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Keep your eyes on the blog for holiday tips, tricks, and even an eco-friendly advent calendar coming this week!

– Leah –

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