Earth Month 2019

There’s still snow on the ground from a late March snowstorm here in the Midwest, but the calendar tells me that it is, indeed, April 1st! It feels a bit like Mother Earth pulled a very cold April Fools Day joke on us, but I’m hoping the rest of the month looks a little more like spring. I still believe that the first step toward loving and caring for this planet of ours is getting outside and spending time in nature, and snow makes me more interested in curling up inside than getting out!

But April is Earth Month, so getting outside is definitely on the agenda!

Earth Day is April 22, with people around the U.S. and around the world celebrating this big beautiful planet we live on! I’ll be giving tips this month on ways to celebrate and protect our planet, but I’m starting today with a fundraising campaign for the Sierra Club.

For Earth Day 2019, the Sierra Club is encouraging people to get outside in “My Corner of the World” between April 19-22 (Earth Day Weekend) to clean up, garden, or hike. I’m hoping to do all three, and I want you to join me! If you’re local, I’m working on creating an event that weekend, so keep your eyes open for more details. If you don’t live in the Central Indiana area, please look for ways you can celebrate your corner of the world in one of those ways.

Mark this weekend in your calendar and make plans to be part of Living Lightly Earth Day 2019!

And either way, consider donating to the Sierra Club to celebrate Earth Month 2019. The funds you donate will enable the Sierra Club to do things like:
• Provide cleaner, cheaper, energy.
• Protect our land, water, and air – from our backyards to the other side of the globe.
• Save animals being threatened with extinction.
• Make the outdoors accessible for all of us.

I started us off with a $5 donation, and I’m hoping to raise $100 this month. Will you add $5 (or more) to the goal? Click the image below to donate!

Team Sierra: Doing good by nature


Will you join me?

Check out my fundraising page by clicking the image above, and watch for updates on my Earth Day Weekend event. I can’t wait to see what a difference we can make by living lightly this Earth Month 2019!


Happy Earth Month!


Sierra Club Earth Month Fundraising Page

More info about Earth Day

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